How To Stay Safe - Coronavirus

How To Stay Safe - Coronavirus


Published on 3/30/2020


Srilanka these days are facing a critical situation with this Coronavirus. And curfew is imposed all islandwide. But in some districts the curfew is lifted time to time. And within this time we are able to see the crowd in the streets near shops, banks and super markets. So today we thought of giving you some advice and saftey precautions to protect yourself when And after shopping.


# Dont panic to buy when your in stores, or take money from banks or ATM's.

# Respect social distancing rules everywhere.

# Keep space of at least 6 feet between you and the other people at the all places.

# If theres too many people in the stores, banks or ATM's wait till your turn.

# Use gloves without forgetting.

# Use them when picking fruits and vegetables in shops or supermarkets.

# Use the proper hand washing techniques is essential.

# When washing your hands, wash well by rubbing your hand through your fingers. Start washing but do not close the tap using your washed hands. Take a napkin and close the tap using it.


# Don't touch eyes, nose or mouth when wearing or not wearing gloves.

# Remove gloves from inside out.

# Make a grocery list with only the items necessary.

# Shop rationally without stocking too much food and items.

# Definitely add hygiene products to your list.

# After shopping when you come home leave the shoes your wearing outside the door.

# Wash your hands often after coming from outside for at least 20 minutes following the WHO guidlines.

# Wash all vegetables and fruits thoroughly before use specialy which are eaten raw. You can use a little salt or saffron powder added to the water that you wash them.

# Use a hand sanitizer.

# Use a little Disinfect to wipe the surfaces of the packaging you bought from the stores or shops before keeping on shelfs. As well as your purse, wallet or hand bag.

# Always use thoroughly washed clothes each day at home. And Mainly All Please Stay At Home. That is the safest for all at a situation like this. And use these precautions if you got out and come. Please be helpful to the decision of the government and police.








by Kaushalya De Silva

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