Police teams deployed to apprehend hit-and-run truck driver

Police teams deployed to apprehend hit-and-run truck driver


Published on 7/14/2020


Sri Lanka police said 6 police teams have been deployed to locate the tipper truck driver that ran over three police officers in Kirinda on July 13. 


The said police officers who were on duty to carry out vehicle inspection in Kirinda town  had signalled a tipper truck to stop. 


Despite the signal, the driver  had sped past the police check-point and failed to obey the orders.


Consequently, the police officers had informed the cops at the Kongala police checkpoint of the speeding vehicle and they have given it a chase.


When the truck was ultimately stopped at the police checkpoint located at the 13th Mile Post in Kongala, the officers who chased the truck had  arrived there. 


The driver had been warned for reckless driving where he has recieved a spot fine permit as a temporary license. 


The driver who went off towards Hakmana area had returned at a high speed 10 minutes later ,where the officers were intentionally knocked down  at the police checkpoint. 


In the above incident, a police constable was killed and another two sergents were admiited to the hospital as they succumbed to serious injuries. 


Further investigations are being conducted by Sri Lanka Police to locate the tipper truck driver who is hiding at present. 






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