Two Army Officers in Horana test positive for COVID-19

Two Army Officers in Horana test positive for COVID-19


Published on 6/1/2020


Two Lieutenant Colonels of the Army attached to the Katunayake International Airport have been infected with coronavirus.


The authorities are in the view that they might have contracted the virus when they were handling the arrival of Sri Lankans returning from overseas.


The two officers are residents of Horana and Homagama. At the same time, the army officers and soldiers who worked closely with the two officers and their families have been sent to quarantine.


Meanwhile, one of them have visited four shops in Horana and the Public Health Inspectors have taken immediate steps to temporarily close down the shops .


The employees of the 4 shops have also been ordered to quarantine themselves. Although the aforesaid officer has arrived at the shops using security measures,the PCR tests will be conducted on the employees shortly.



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