Stunning Vega Impresses the World

Stunning Vega Impresses the World


Published on 10/22/2019


Sri Lanka which is world famous for tea and gems has now attracted the attention of the motorists with the innovation of the electric supercar, Vega with a power of 900 horsepower. Vega is not only an all-electric thrill machine but also an opportunity for Sri Lankans’ to show their ability to develop advanced transportation technologies.


Vega falls into the supercar category and it’s speed range can be increased rapidly from 0 to 60 miles per hour. According to the manufacturer, that time is 3.5 seconds. It’s rear-wheels which are driven by a dual electric motor have a capacity of 900 horsepower.


With the necessary components to power this vehicle, especially with the lithium battery, Vega weighs a ton, which has now reduced to about 3000 pounds with the help of the carbon fiber. On a super racing track, this car can reach a speed of 150 miles per hour.


Packaging of lithium battery modules, safety, battery management and system hardware of Vega feature a number of innovations. To control the vehicle under different road and driving conditions, cutting-edge algorithms will be run using electronic differential. It will have some effect on the people in the back of the car. This concept was conceived by Harsha Subasinghe, the CEO of travel software.


Subasinghe, the executive of CodeGen has invested over 500 000 dollars as the basic development cost to make this idea a reality. Beshan Kulapala (Electrical Engineering Ph.D.) who has worked at Intel for 13 years, is the project manager of the Vega project.


Sri Lankans have shown an impressive tenacity and innovation through Vega while rebuilding after a brutal civil war and a devastating tsunami. International media shows that Sri Lanka provides a great example for any country, which is ready to rise again after facing such disasters.


Translated by Sajini Ishanthi



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