Try Dates nuts roll at home

Try Dates nuts roll at home


Published on 12/7/2019



 • Seedless dates 200g Cashew nuts or pistachio nuts 1/3 cup (add more or less as you like)

 • Ghee 1 ½ tbsp

• Sesame seeds (Thala eta) to coat optional 2tbsp



1. Chop the dates roughly and chop the nuts finely. Grind the dates into thick paste.

2. Heat a pan and dry roast the sesame seeds for a minute and collect in a plate. This is to coat the rolls. You can use desiccated coconut if you do not like sesame seeds or you can make this without any coat. 3. Heat 1 tea spoon of ghee and roast the nuts for a minute and remove in a plate.

 4. In the same pan, heat 1tbsp of ghee and add the grinded dates. Mix well until it becomes a whole mass. Initially it would be difficult to mix. But when the mixture gets heated, dates will become soft and pulpy. It takes 3-4 minutes in medium high flame. Time may vary based on the dates. 

5. Now add the roasted nuts and mix till everything incorporates well. It takes 2 minutes. When it becomes a whole mass and non- sticky, remove it and keep in a plate. When it turns slightly warm. Mix it well and make a log shape roll. 

6. Coat it in the roasted sesame seeds and roll in a foil or polyethylene lunch sheet. And refrigerate for an hour.  Remove the foil and keep it outside for 5 minutes. Use a sharp knife and cut into roundels cut pieces. 

7. Serve them once it comes to room temperature. It tastes hard and chewy when it is cold. So, serve them after 30 minutes. 

8. These rolls stay good for 3-4 days and no need to refrigerate. Stone in a dry plastic box or a jar. 



by Achini Wickramaratna

Photo source : Internet



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